This SLA document contains the following information

  • for the availability of web hosting and server services offered by WebhostOne (web hosting, reseller packages, managed servers, hereinafter referred to as "Services")
  • the average response time of employees after receipt of a fault message
  • on the disposal procedure in case of incidents
  • to the warranty assumed by WebhostOne
  • to data protection / backup
  • to the general response times for support requests
  • on service adjustments and tariff changes
  • to the technical infrastructure at WebhostOne.

WebhostOne emphasizes the stability and availability of its server systems. That is why we only use trademark hardware from leading manufacturers and ensure maximum availability and performance by always using up-to-date system components. All server services are automatically monitored by us. In the event of a service failure, our technicians will take action on their own within the shortest possible time, regardless of the time of day, on weekends or public holidays. The first reaction to failure reports by our monitoring system takes place within a maximum of 15 minutes between 8.00 and 22.00 and a maximum of 30 minutes between 22.00 and 8.00.

Trouble shooting
WebhostOne eliminates malfunctions of their technical equipment within the scope of technical and operational possibilities as quickly as possible. Malfunctions are detected by WebhostOne's monitoring equipment or by notification from the customer. The disturbance ends with the complete restoration of the service.
WebhostOne guarantees an availability of the services of at least 99.90% per year. In the same period of the previous year, the average availability was 99.99 %.
Response time
The guaranteed time until the first reaction to a notice posted by the customer. The reaction can be either by a mail to the technical contact person listed, an entry in the ticket system or by a telephone call. The response time starts with the sending of the confirmation of receipt of the ticket system by WebhostOne.
Error message / malfunction message
The user reports an incident to the email account:
Maintenance work
WebhostOne provides scheduled maintenance work to optimize and increase the performance of the network. The customer will be informed at least 2 workdays in advance about any scheduled work (if it has a potential impact on service availability). This does not include emergencies. Maintenance windows count as times when the services are available and not as disruptions. Maintenance windows are limited to 2 per month and amount to a maximum of 6 hours per service and customer. WebhostOne endeavours to set these to off-peak times.
Response time

In the case of individual, non-global faults within a customer account, which are notified to us by the customer, we also ensure that the problem is resolved as quickly as possible. Below you will find the most important details about the process of a fault report at WebhostOne.

Troubleshooting procedure
  1. Error message via e-mail to:
  2. Sending a confirmation of receipt with ticket number to the customer
  3. Start of response time
  4. Feedback of a service technician
  5. Possibly intermediate message or fault clearance message to customers

1. WebhostOne guarantees the provision of all services in accordance with this agreement. WebhostOne shall not be liable for disruptions to services based on the following:

  • the technical equipment or network infrastructure of the customer
  • Force majeure
  • Interventions by the customer or third parties, as far as the customer is responsible
  • on the networks of transmission path operators with whom there is interconnection to the WebhostOne network.

2. If the customer refuses to consent to security updates to WebhostOne under the managed server contract, WebhostOne shall not be liable for any damages arising from the use of the server unless the customer proves to WebhostOne that WebhostOne has breached its obligations.

3. In the event of a deviation from the annual availability of the services guaranteed by WebhostOne of 99.90%, the customer shall be entitled to a graduated reduction right as follows:

Availability of the
services in %
Right of reduction
in %
99,8 10
99,6 25
99,4 50
99,2 75
< 99 100

The right to reduction in % refers to the monthly basic tariff fees that WebhostOne receives from the customer. Domain fees and fees for additional services are not included.

Response times for general and technical support requests

The live support staff (telephone and live chat) are the first point of contact for questions and problems. If possible, our competent customer advisors will help you directly and assist you with problems and general questions. If it is not possible to solve a problem within a telephone or chat conversation, we refer you to our email support (ticket system) or give you assistance in transferring the matter to 2nd level support.

We guarantee that you will communicate - also via live support - exclusively with competent and specially trained employees of WebhostOne

1. Telephone

Available Monday - Friday from 8:00-17:00

2. Live chat

Available Monday - Friday from 8:00-17:00

3. 24/7 emergency support

For serious technical problems

4. Email support (ticket system)

The following response times apply (

Type of request Mon-Fri
Saturday, Sunday
and holidays
Technical and
general support requests
2 hours 4 hours
24/7 Emergency support 1 hour 1 hour
Inquiries outside the above-mentioned times, as well as questions regarding billing and other administrative matters on the next working day or emergency alerting.

Our support will be happy to help you with any questions you may have about our services and offers. We also provide support for questions regarding the use and provision of third-party software, if we are able to do so. However, we cannot take over the support for the software of third party providers or replace their service. Please contact their support contacts if necessary.

Data protection / Backup
  1. WebhostOne creates daily backups of all shared hosting and managed servers with a retention period of up to 3 calendar days for free recovery of customer data in case of data loss through our fault.
  2. WebhostOne offers support to the customer in restoring his backups in the event of data loss through his fault within the scope of services defined in the GTC. In addition, WebhostOne will consider the possibility of a chargeable restoration of your data from the server backup in individual cases as far as this is possible. The prices for this can be found in the additional price list, which you will find on our website
  3. WebhostOne provides the customer with a backup solution through the administration interface WHO admin panel for the independent creation of complete manual backups by the user.
Service adjustments / tariff changes
  1. In addition to the range of services already defined in our web hosting offers, you can also add individual components such as storage space, MySQL databases, etc. to your web package at any time. The prices can be found in our additional price list, which is available on our website The order is placed by email to
  2. Within the product group " shared hosting" and "reseller packages" a change of tariff is possible at any time and free of charge. Prepaid amounts will be adjusted to the billing period, so there is no financial disadvantage for you. Likewise, a change of tariff does not require a change of server; your account, including the complete configuration and access data, remains unchanged and is only adjusted in its services.
Technical structures 

1. Quality hosting - Made in Germany

In order to be able to always offer you the highest quality web hosting solutions with high performance connections and maximum reliability, we focus on Germany as a business location. The company headquarters, all employees, as well as our entire technical infrastructure is located in Germany, spread over 3 federal states.

2. High performance internet connection

Our high performance servers are located in a modern and fully equipped computer centre belonging to TelemaxX GmbH in Karlsruhe. The data centre is excellently connected to several upstream providers and ensures maximum availability and performance 24 hours a day thanks to a sophisticated redundancy concept and direct integration into the power supply ring of the Karlsruhe public utility company. Of course, the data center also has efficient security and access control systems as well as a powerful fire protection concept with an early fire detection system.

We cover the energy requirements for our servers and the IT equipment in the computer centre exclusively with green electricity using exclusively renewable energy sources.

3. Overload protection through firmly assigned resources

Due to the unique technical structure of the WHO admin panel, an overload caused by another client on the server is almost impossible. The resources assigned in the package descriptions are permanently available to each client. It is not possible to exceed the assigned range of services. Due to this special structure, the number of hosted customers per system is no longer relevant. Nevertheless, we can assure you that we do not oversell and our servers are not overloaded by excessive customer traffic. In case of load peaks, sufficient capacities are always ensured.

4. Use of highly available and high performance trademark hardware

We only use trademark hardware from Dell, HP or Intel with corresponding agreements on the response time of the supplier in case of hardware defect. In addition, we always have enough emergency systems to be able to restore the availability of a complete server defect even at short notice. All shared hosting servers have at least 2 x QuadCore CPU Raid 10 data mirroring, fast 15000 rpm min. 32 GB RAM, redundant power supplies, and rack-optimized housings (as of 05/2010).