Included in the price of our special packages!

With our Managed Hosting packages you receive a web package, which is specially designed for the use of the respective CMS (the software of the website, such as WordPress or Joomla!, is called "Content Management System"). We already install a current version of the selected software on your website, so that you can immediately start using your website without having to carry out a complicated installation first.
You do not have to worry about a suitable PHP or MySQL version. We take care of that!

This service is currently offered for our special packages Joomla!, WordPress, TYPO3 and NextCloud in the latest versions, installed by us, and is included in the package price.


To keep your mind free for your website, we take care of the core updates of your content management system (updates of the basic software). This includes all updates which are available for the version of your CMS.

These updates may be important security updates, new features, or bug fixes that are released by the software vendors.

It is important from a security point of view that your installation is always up to date, as hackers often exploit the security holes of an outdated version.

All updates in your installed major version** will be done by us automatically, so that you can fully concentrate on your website content, plugins and themes. If you do not use any external components, plugins or themes, we take care of practically all update work for you.
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First step

As soon as a new update for your CMS is available, we will inform you by email. If there is a compatibility problem between your plugins and an update, you can inform us to postpone the update.

Second step

The update is automatically installed by us within the following two working days.

Third step

Prior to the update, a complete backup of your website will be created to be able to restore it if a problem occurs.

Fourth step

We carry out the update during office hours (weekdays from 8.00-17.00 hours) so that you have a direct contact person at our company in case of potential problems. During the update the downtime is in the range of seconds.


Premium update service from € 39,00* / month
Would you like an all-round carefree package without having to worry about anything? Then our premium package is just the right thing for you.

In addition to the managed hosting services, we also take care of every installed plugin, theme and extension in your CMS system, as long as they are known and common components.

With this individual service you don't have to worry about technical details and you can devote yourself to your website.


First step

As soon as a new update is available we will inform you by email and arrange an individual date for the update with you.
Of course you can also give us an approval for a certain time frame, so that we do not have to bother you with that.

Second step

Prior to the update, a complete backup of your website will be created to be able to restore it if a problem occurs.

Third step

Afterwards one of our technicians will install core, plugin and theme updates so that all components of your system are always up to date.

Fourth step

If there is a compatibility problem between extensions and a new CMS version, we will contact you and discuss the possibilities with you.

Fifth step

After the update, your page will be checked individually to eliminate any functional problems.
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* All prices include 19 % VAT (DE), EU countries differ.
** For example: Joomla!: 3.6.x ; WorPress: 5.x ; TYPO3: 9.x

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