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Invoices, contracts, offers, correspondence: The amount of documents generated and archived in our daily business is immense. Since the first of January 2017 the "Grundsätze zur ordnungsmäßigen Führung und Aufbewahrung von Büchern, Aufzeichnungen und Unterlagen in elektronischer Form sowie zum Datenzugriff" (GoBD) is obligatory for everybody.

Mail servers are organisation and archiving systems for us and a permanent email use lead to an information chaos even within a structured storage and archiving system. Mail servers fill up, lose performance and license and memory costs increase. In addition to that, the legislator ordered that emails have to be stored lawful. Due to this reason, we offer unified mail archive that covers the main requirements.


The obligation to archive emails (with business relevance) is legally anchored and violations lead to considerable penalties even for small and medium-sized businesses.
Vgl. u.a. §§ 238 HGB, 162 AO, 283 StGB


For everybody

To enable us to offer the legal requirements for a fair price, especially to smaller companies and businesses we created archiv basic mailboxes. A possibility to store and archive your business mailbox.

The running costs are charged monthly and the contract extends automatically by another term if it is not terminated within 30 days prior to the end of contract.

Flexible billing interval:


€ 12,99* monthly

€ 9,99* monthly

monthly contract term
annual contract term
1 GoBD compliant archiving mailbox
300 GB storage space
Inclusive backup
Inclusive maintenance contract

* All prices include 19 % VAT (DE), EU countries differ. Plus € 29,00 set-up fee


€ 99,90* monthly

plus € 99,00* set-up fee
from 10 mailboxes up 1
from 50 GB storage space up
including your own managed server for archiving
inlucing backup
including maintenance contract
* All prices include 19 % VAT (DE), EU countries differ.


For great demands

For great demands, we recommend an autonomous archive server. You can manage resources and are fully flexible for any configuration. To meet your personal expectations and needs we would like to make an individual offer.

The contract term is 12 months and the running costs are charged monthly. The contract is automatically extended by another contract term if not terminated within 30 days prior to the end of contract. It includes 2 hours monthly maintenance for filter adjustments, inquiries, etc. Not used time allocations expire by the end of every month. The set-up fee is 99 € *.

1) The basic license includes 10 mailboxes (larger mailbox quantities possible). Since not every person within the business should be able to access every mailbox, you can define the mailboxes as users or areas of responsibility. To archive for example employee mailboxes you might need a mailbox for everyone including the management board.

All email hostet by WebhostOne are technically prepared for email archiving and do not need any additional action by our customers. Office 365 is easily set up.



To be able to guarantee an effective archiving, our email archiving is working with multidrop mailboxes. A BCC forwarding (blind copy) is installed on our mail server, which forwards and copies incoming and outgoing emails of the booked email address to our archiving server. The archiving server retrieves these email copies, archives them as different formats and signs them with a valid timestamp to ensure revision safety and to meet all legal requirements. This enables a fully independent archiving of your emails without any delay in your regular email business or any effort from your side.

If you are using an alternative email server e.g. Microsoft Exchange, you can still implement our email archiving – just ask us!

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  • 100% archiving of incoming and outgoing as well as internal emails for a free to choose term, following easy rules
  • Rule-based storage of important email correspondence and attached documents like offers, invoices, medical records etc.
  • Automatic storage compliant with legal requirements for archiving periods for authorities, companies, clinics, offices and every other organisational
  • Automatic archiving of complete email data streams


The WebhostOne unified mail archive (UMA) uses certified time stamps for long term archiving, that are provided by a accredited German trustcenter to every UMA on a daily basis. This is of particular importance, because many archiving solutions do not use these certified time stamps. When signed and unsigned emails and documents are uploaded in the UMA archive, the qualified time stamps enable a guarantee that the data, safed at certain times, is not manipulated in any way.


The UMA Outlook plugin enables a comfortable integration of the UMA-DNS in a regular Outlook surface. With the easily accessible search, you can find emails, documents and pictures quickly. One click and deleted emails are restored from our archive into an arbitrary folder.
Easy import of emails databases into the UMA: With the UMA PST import tool, you have the easy option to directly import emails from an Outlook PST file or an Outlook account into the UMA archive.


The law for email archiving requires the unchanged and unchangeable storage for long periods – 6, 10, 30 years or even forever. The meaning of email archiving is far exceeding the discharge of a regular mail server.
Archiving is duly executed, lawful, tamper-proof and automatic according to GoBD (replacing GDPdU and GoBS), HGB, AO, Basel II as well as BSI TR 03125, which is the highest German standard.


  • High-performance search engine for emails and documents
  • Sorting, categorizing and indexing of emails and documents
  • Automatic set up of email archiving mailboxes during ongoing operation
  • Extensive indexing of every element (including OCR)
  • Easy access from everywhere with every email program
  • Expandable storage space


  • Tap-proof connection encryption via TLS
  • Adjustable four eyes principle compliant with the current data protection regulations
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