Three easy steps to change to WebhostOne:

1 - Request code

Inform your previous provider that you want to transfer your domains (KK request) to WebhostOne.

2 - Order domain

Easily start with your request by entering and ordering your domain name within our domain search on our website.

3 - Confirm transfer

While ordering you will be asked to give your Auth code, which you can also hand in later after your order has been completed.


Including free domain only tariff

If only one domain is needed and no webspace we exclusively offer a free domain only tariff which includes the following:

Web storage space

5 MB web storage space for a status page / contact page

SSL (Let's Encrypt)

Get a free SSL certificate using Let´s Encrypt (https://)

Including email

Get 1 email address, 2 alias addresses and 100MB email storage space


Forwarding of domain and email address to another address
Additional storage space or a tariff upgrade is possible anytime.
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Order now and enjoy the benefits of WebhostOne
Be successful searching! Click here to get tips for a efficient domain search
Our domain search consists of 3 parts:

  1. The domain name
    This should describe your website, company or main purpose. If you do not know the exact domain name yet, our semantic search can be of great help. To do this, enter the most important keywords into the search mask, separated by a space:

    Example: In Hamburg you bake pizza around the clock:

    Beispiel 1

    Example: Combine your company with your name:

    Beispiel 2

    The search then suggests several combinations. It not only uses the terms you enter, but also combines them with synonyms, articles and other keywords that frequently occur in domain names.

  2. The category
    The domain extensions usually have a specific purpose and target group. Whereas in the past a distinction was made between countries and generated domain extensions, the new domain extensions allow the target groups to be defined more narrowly.

  3. The domain extensions (TLD)
    If you select a concrete ending, only this TLD will be searched. Select "All" to search for all TLDs in this category.

    Beispiel 4
Click here to get more information and tips about domain registration

Information on domain registration

Please note the following information before ordering your domain:

Trademark rights

We recommend that you do not register domain names that infringe the copyright and trademark rights of third parties. This also applies to so-called "mistyped" domains.

Special characters

Special characters are not allowed (" , . & / $ ! # ).

Permitted characters

Letters, numbers and the character "-" (minus) are allowed, but the latter may not appear at the beginning or end of the domain name.

Upper and lower case

Upper and lower case is not relevant for the registration of domains; no distinction is made.

Umlaut domains

Some browsers still have problems with umlaut domains. You can find further information in our article in the <a href="/faq-domain/umlaute-or-special characters-in-domain-name">FAQ</a>

Please also note that the registration requirements of the respective registry and the registrant rights and responsibilities of ICANN apply:

ICANN - Registrant rights and responsibilities under the registrar accreditation agreement

as well as

Registrygate - Terms and conditions for the registration and management of domain names

A list of all TLDs and their registries can be found here:

IANA - Root zone database

In the procurement and/or maintenance of domain names, WebhostOne GmbH acts merely as an intermediary in the relationship between the customer and the relevant registry. Contracts with these organisations shall only entitle and oblige the customer. We do not guarantee that the domain names applied for and delegated for the customer are free of rights of third parties or that they will last in the long run. The customer shall indemnify us against any claims for compensation by third parties which are based on the unauthorised use of a domain name.

You can find a comprehensive online guide to domain law here: Domain Law


Benefit from numerous features at WebhostOne

Free email address - safely encrypted

If you already own a web package  you can set up an unlimited amount of email addresses and email forwarding to every booked domain.
Or use our free "domain only" tariff, including 100 MB email storage space (IMAP/POP3), an email address and two alias addresses as well as two forwarding.

Unlimited subdomains including forwarding

A flatrate for your subdomains. Set up an unlimited amount of subdomains (e.g. The organisation with our admin panel is very simple and comfortable. With our webhosting packages you can define your own content for any domain and subdomain.

Access to nameserver (DNS)

Control your nameserver registrations (DNS) of our domains and subdomains in real time. You can configurate MX entries, A records, SPF and many more.  If ever something does go wrong or if any questions pop up just let us know and we will help you out anytime.

Dynamic DNS also known as DynDNS

Access your home network with your own (sub) domain. The change within the IP address is automatically processed by our nameserver. Use this service free, safe and discreet - no one knows the URL to your private home network.

SSL certificate - encrypted traffic

With our web hosting packages you can set up a SSL certificate for your domain and subdomain. You can choose between a fee-based SSL certificate of an reputable certifier (we organise handling and installation for you) or our free Let's Encrypt certificat, which you can set up all by yourself. Both versions encrypt your data and transfer them safely online.

Flexibly expandable - anytime and for free

You can expand your web package or server anytime. An online tariff change is possible anytime.  The new tariff fees arise and prepaid terms are included. 

Expert support - personal and capable

Personal and individual expert support is our hallmark and for more than 20 years our long practised philosophy. We are honours to get numerous positive and independent customer reviews on different portals. You can reach us daily from 8:00 – 22:00 and after 22 o’clock we offer an emergency support.

Server location Germany - Made in Germany

Your data is stored exclusively in Germany and are subject to it's data protection which is one of the strictest in the world.

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many products include domains
Webspace with top features, MySQL databases, PHP and professional email functions for beginners, advanced users and experts.
Using our homepage kit you can create your professional website within few minutes, following several clear and easy steps and without any additional programming know-how.
Full Managed Server which enables you full performance of a server for your projects. We take care of every technical administration and security.
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