Impressions of the data center, power supply,
air conditioning, security & network connection



The data center in Karlsruhe has a sophisticated security and monitoring system. It is regularly checked and monitored by a security service. Access is regulated by a detailed access control system and video surveillance with infrared cameras ensures constant security in the building and around the facility. The fire alarm system is preceded by an automatic early fire detection system, which ensures the earliest possible alarm in the event of a fire in the three separate fire compartments of the computer centre. The extinguishing agent used is environmentally compatible and residue-free, so that even in the event of a fire, gentle extinguishing with the least possible damage to the hardware is ensured.

Network connection

The data center is fully redundantly connected to a 10 Gbit optic fiber backbone via a modern optic fiber infrastructure in Karlsruhe and is linked to almost all reputable international carriers, which enables a secure and stable network connection. The IP backbone is connected with 6 Gbit/s to 6 different upstream providers and offers an optimal, performance oriented performance. If necessary, the backbone and the upstream can be expanded at any time, ensuring that sufficient capacity is always available.

Air conditioning

Servers are high performance computers in continuous operation, which generate heat due to their constant availability and performance. It is therefore important that a functioning air-conditioning system ensures sufficient cooling and dissipation of the heat. At the computer centre in Karlsruhe, the focus is not only on technical functionality but also on air conditioning that is as environmentally friendly as possible. For this purpose - especially in the cold season - the outside temperature is used for air conditioning via cooling water units on the roof.

Within the data centre, cool air is blown into individual corridors via raised floors, thus ensuring a constant temperature of approx. 23 °C.

Power supply

In our computer centre, we exclusively obtain nuclear power-free, CO²-neutral energy from renewable energy sources, which enables us to offer you climate-friendly and environmentally friendly green hosting based on renewable energies and energy-efficient servers. The purchase of green electricity by the data center is regularly certified by the Karlsruhe public utility company.